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The Wizard’s Tower is the hook that gets the group to Whitespire. Upon their arrival to Whitespire, the group should seek out the Wizard’s Union to report the results of their mission.

In the city, the situation is like so: The death of the wizard from the tower opens up a spot in the leadership of the Wizard’s Union. Whoever gets this spot will have a lot of influence over the next Council elections.

The group walks into the offices of the Wizard’s Union, and when they come out, chaos has erupted. This gets a lot of eyes on them.


  • Maya: Felix Gray
  • Rasmus: Trelane. Nicknamed ‘The Acid Mage’ as a slight insult by the councilmembers, but embraces it. Sassy elven rogue/wizard lady. Assassination and spying.
    • Applies magical compounds to orphans and streetchildren, attempting to infuse them artificially with magic ability. This process kills some, creates some wild mage / wizard children, whereof some are strong enough and brought into the Alchemical University as prodigies or students, where the weaker are let lose in the city. They are visited by Trelane, and handed wands and magical oddities as ‘treats’. These magical things play pranks on the normal people of the city of whitespire (wand of Grease for instance) Once in a while Trelane will hand out a wand of Disintegrate or the like, and tell the children to target a specific individual, as an assassination.
    • Candidate for leadership of the Alchemical University (because she murdered the previous leader).
    • Goal: Become leader of the Alchemical University
    • Long Term Goal: become the lord-in-the-shadows who controls the city.


A great city on the southern coast, considered a bastion of culture and light.

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