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  • Blackwater Druid

    _The druid is clad in furs, and she goes barefoot in the ankle-deep water. In one hand, she holds a quarterstaff, in the loose grip of a confident fighter. Her other hand is weaving patterns in the air, causing a mist to slowly form around her._ Size: …

  • Blackwater Caves

    A side-quest. Should be doable for 4 level 3 characters, and easy at level 4. [[Blackwater Druid]] [[Blackwater Feral]]

  • Blackwater Feral

    _A figure steps out of the shadow, bare feet splashing lightly in the water. It was clearly human once, but no longer. Now, long, bony claws grow from its knuckles, and growths of bark covers its face. Its eyes gleam a mossy green. The creature opens a …