A great city on the southern coast, considered a bastion of culture and light.

The Seven Districts

Whitespire is roughly organized into seven districts, each with its own purpose.

The District of Wizardry

Where the Wizard’s Union has their offices, and a lot of wizards have their homes. Also contains libraries, shops of magical items, and The Alchemical University.

The Trade District

A mix of shops, market places, offices, and homes of the lesser merchants.

The Harbor District

Docks and surrounding area.

The West Housing District

Was originally meant to be a nice, organized housing district, but proximity to the river delta caused water damage to most of the buildings. Has turned into a slum.

The Central Housing District

Where the rich people live. Mostly old merchant families, with bloodlines that can be traced back to the early days of the city.

The Industrial District

Workshops and housing for workers.

The Temple District

The smallest district. Contains temples.

The Council of Seven

The city is ruled by a council of elected representatives.

Other Notes

  • Wizard’s Union
    • Alchemical University
      • Captured water-elementals as power source
      • Experimenting on orphans
  • Leadership: Council of representatives, elections are rigged. Seven council members, one from each of the seven districts. Must live in the district one represents (but rich families cheat by buying property in other districts).
  • Some family of elves that were exiled from elf-land, and now have their fingers in every pie, both legal and not.

Seven Councilmembers:

  • District of Wizardry
    • Councilmember: (Desired to be a puppet to the Merchant prince)

Merchant Prince Seats:

  • Merchants
  • Slumlord (Bought out by a less moral merchant)
    • Councilmember: (Puppet to The Merchant Prince)
  • Harbor
    • Councilmember: (Puppet to the Merchant Prince)

City Seats:

  • Old money district
    • Councilmember: (Random Lady, very proud)
  • Industrial
    • Councilmember: (Blacksmith, no-bullshit)
  • Temples
    • Councilmember: (Out of Touch Priest)


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