The Wizard's Union

A union for Wizards in Whitespire and the surrounding towns. They are the lords of The Arcane District, containing

  • The Alchemical University
  • The Construct Forge, (Golems and constructs are created and enchanted)
  • The Library, (Wizard school, with higher levels of the structure reserved for the stronger mages)

The Wizards are internally controlled by a triumvirate, The wizard’s union has representative leaders of the Construct Forge, Alchemical University and The Library which deliberate in a small internal council, to determine things for the district. One of the leaders of the three institutes are appointed as the head of the Union, and serves as one of the councilmembers in the rule of the city.


  • Fabian the Green
    Currently the representative of the Wizard Union at The Council of Seven, has slightly disgraced himself recently, and won’t take up the mantle of councilmember twice, the library votes are going to either Trelane or Metalshaper Kole.

Alchemical University:

Construct Forge:

The Wizard's Union

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