The gods of this world are a fairly approachable bunch. People meet them from time to time around the world, in both their humanoid and animal shapes, though they don’t always figure out who they met at first, or ever.

Father Wolf
Father Wolf has existed for as long as the oldest written records, but scholars theorize that he is far older than humanity itself. He’s the god of family, loyalty, and living according to ones nature.

There’s a spin-off religion, popular in cities, which treats Father Wolf as a creator. The druids, who worship an older version of Father Wolf, are fine with this, and will sometimes pray in city temples, but they do find the stricter ritual and tradition a bit silly. It’s not actually known whether Father Wolf created the world.

Father Wolf’s Children
It is said that Father Wolf had three children with a mortal woman: The Gardener, The Hunter and The Untamed. These are demigods, not on the level of the gods, but powerful beings nonetheless.

The Raven
The Raven, in comparison, is a younger god. He (or she, or they, for the Raven appears in many shapes) is the god of civilisation, of mankind’s ingenuity, of rising above ones nature. More than any of the gods, the Raven is humanity’s ally. Beware if you meet him, though – he likes to play tricks on people.

The Old Woman in the Tower
The Old Woman in the Tower is the goddess of old and secret knowledge. She is never seen outside of her tower, but her tower seems to appear wherever she wants it to. She has no known animal shape. Young mages and scholars will often seek her tower, often without success, in the hope of gaining a boon from her. She does not show herself at the whim of mere people, though.

The Twin Stags
Twin feathered stags, one white, one black, are sometimes seen locked in combat off in the distance. The black stag is Death, and the white is Life. The stags are rarely seen in their humanoid forms – sometimes, a dark-skinned antlered figure will walk a battlefield after the fight, closing the eyes of the dead. Sometimes, a tall shape with antlers and white feathers instead of hair will wander through a village as a woman gives birth, always just around the corner or out of reach. There is no record of them ever speaking.

The bullywug god. Takes the shape of a giant toad, so large that it is thought to be dismissed as a huge boulder in the swamps, Is also the god of seafare, and is thought to swim beneath the ships of pious sailors, clearing the way of any debris or dangers from underneath the waves.
Shows up in Bullywug form, when it wishes to communicate.
(joke: the god of short jump-like journeys)

The Knight

The Knight stands for Light, Altruistic deeds, valor and grace. The Knight is said to have a flaw in that they are so good, and so committed to their word, that all the promises they have made, lock them to inaction. The Knight’s power is therefore mostly to be a symbol, and thus they names Saints, uplifting mortal men and women to divine status in moments of pure virtue.

…maybe more to come


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